Pied Piper


Pied Piper, a mythical house in Far North Queensland where some geeks watched a showed called Silicon Valley. In a culture where Continuum Liberates our Anonymous Vendettas, Pied Piper calls out to a subset who enjoy the process of livein creative collaboration. For this subset it works like that.

It's like trying to explain to Non parents what its like to be a parent. You can try, however you know there is no set of words that fully capture nor convey the quality of life lived within the creative process.

Silicon Valley as art, as corporate Kulture, As HBO Profit making machine, irrespective of what it is or isn't its a starting point and we thank it for that. So first of all credit where credit is due. Mike and the Crew (we wille expand this into a fan source list and Credit links to show.)

Our first launch - Padlet Piper or Pied Padlet?

We hope the house, the space and whatever it becomes for the Tropical Winter of 2015, Let the innovation games begin

Pied Piper takes a funny look at the startip world and because of the way we think it goes about telling the story it is a fascinating model to begin using as a tool for your own startup. If you really dont like sitting in boring long meetings then you will probably not go far in this world, however if you can make it look like your interested in long boring meetings then you might just outwear your competiton. Silicon Valley takes a similar firm toungue in cheek approach to startup innovation in todays world.

101 Digger hopes to demonstrate the above through the use of the series and a related set of padlets that allow our community to develop innovative ideas for us as a community to pursue.



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